The EGBSC works to create community awareness on environmental issues and carries out on-the-ground projects that will benefit Eastern Georgian Bay. Many of our projects in the past have been focused on fish, in particular, Walleye. As we move forward, we will be expanding the types of projects that we work on. Volunteers are invited to participate, wherever possible. To date, EGBSC has completed bass nest creation projects, four Walleye spawning bed rehabilitation projects and Walleye culture projects. In addition, EGBSC has hosted workshops with a variety of themes to help create greater public awareness. EGBSC has also supported survey work (fisheries and trumpeter swans), campsite co-management of the Outer Islands, garbage clean-up projects with the Stewardship Rangers and invasive species work.

Fish Habitat Assessment Project

This project began in 2015 to assess nursery, rearing, spawning and foraging habitat for Walleye, Lake Sturgeon and Sucker species in ten tributaries to Eastern Georgian Bay.

Key River Walleye Spawning Bed

In 2014, EGBSC partnered with the Key River Area Association to improve Walleye spawning beds on the Key River. In 2015, approximately 400 square metres of habitat was created.

Walleye Spawning Bed Rehabilitation

Since 2007, EGBSC has restored four Walleye spawning beds and has a fifth project planned for 2015 on the Key River.

Walleye Outreach Project

Walleye populations in Eastern Georgian Bay are in decline. EGBSC received funding to develop a public outreach plan focused on Walleye.

Campsite Co-Management

In 2006, the EGBSC initiated a campsite monitoring and management program with 10 partners. Since then over 134 sites have been inspected.

Walleye Stocking/Culture

In addition to rehabilitating spawning beds, stocking of Walleye has been identified as a primary tool for accelerating the rehabilitation of Walleye populations.

Bass Nest Creation

Between 2005 and 2008, EGBSC ran a stewardship project with many residents and cottagers to create bass nests. As a result, over 450 bass nests were created.

Trumpeter Swan Survey

EGBSC was asked to participate in a Trumpeter Swan survey by the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Program through a flight survey.

Chimney Swift Platform

Project Description: EGBSC helped fund a platform for Chimney Swift nesting, which was built by the Ontario Youth Stewardship Rangers.

Invasive Species

The EGBSC helped to sponsor a University student in 2007, 2008 and 2011 to create a greater awareness in the Parry Sound area about invasive species as well as monitor waterbodies for invasive species.

Fish Sampling Projects

EGBSC receives requests for fish assessments along eastern Georgian Bay and inland lakes and carries out at least one fish assessment survey annually.

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